Radio Is What We Do!

Ladbroke Productions has been developing, creating, producing and delivering high-quality, innovative, award-winning radio programmes for the UK's radio networks since 1975. That's a long time, and a lot of programming! We are incredibly proud of our heritage and archive, and part of the future for the 'new look' Ladbroke Productions is to embrace our past and make as much of it available to you to listen to as possible.

Ainsley Harriott

Now, this is a large and complicated affair, with many issues to grapple with, including underlying rights, permissions from contributors and, mostly, time to digitise all the thousands of hours of old tapes we have in storage!


So do please keep popping back, as we will be releasing excerpts from our programmes gradually over time. We will also include links to where you can buy whole series and programmes as 'download to own', to keep and listen to again and again.

In the meantime, please enjoy exploring our database of programming. If you see a little PLAY button like this try clicking it, you might like what you hear! Or fancy browsing through our complete library of programme excerpts? Then have an explore of our audio player above...just browse down the ever-lengthening list of titles!